There's a lot of information on this page, but it is very important if you want to put your best foot forward and be as effective as possible when meeting guests.  Please proceed below and know that your dedication is greatly appreciated!

What is The Swoon Event?

The Swoon Event is a curated, fun-filled wedding show for brides, grooms, wedding professionals and the party curious who value creativity and local businesses long after the honeymoon is over. The show is open to any business that offers a fresh and tasteful take on the wedding industry.  This includes but is not limited to floral, decor, photography, event design/planning, letterpress, catering, food trucks, desserts, live music, DJ, jewelry, attire, make-up artistry, hairstyling, groom products and services... You catch our drift!

This is a live advertisement for your brand. This is your chance to show these lovebirds what you can do in a interactive and visually stunning environment. Since this is not a cattle call, you'll get quality time to mingle with the guests and voice your passion for what you do, so come prepared to chat and discuss what makes you so great!

The Swoon Event + You

The Swoon Event is for you if you are a local wedding creative whose target couple is modern, but has a weakness for vintage details and truly values creativity and design.  These folks are chill but are really looking to make their wedding memorable.

Booth Details

• Standard indoor booth: 6' deep x 8' wide - $325 (Austin food vendors add $98 for a Temporary Food Permit, total $423)
• Food Truck/Mobile Company: size varies - $250.
• Electricity : $15. You may not use electricity unless you request it. Due to limited availability, please only select this option if it is vital to your display or service.

Booths can be shared with one other business for an additional $100. Each business must complete their own application.

Vendors are responsible for all decor, tables, chairs, additional lighting and any other items needed for the set-up of their booth.

There will be no pipe and drape sets or guaranteed walls. Ceilings are high, so we do not recommend hanging anything from the ceiling without prior discussions and approval from The Swoon Event.  All of our venues are easy to work with, so it is highly recommended that you take a peek at the venue before the event, especially if you are in doubt or have questions. 

Vendors are free to use any companies' products/services to complete their space.  However, to keep things fair for all paying participants, you are prohibited from actively promoting a vendor that is not a part of the show. If a person asks where something is from, by all means, let them know proudly and give them a card or two!  Passing out cards to all passing guests or displaying their logo or marketing materials is prohibited.  The Swoon Event reserves the right to remove any items that are deemed to be in violation of rule.

Along with getting a chance to learn more about you, the guests are also coming to see your work up close and personal, so pretty please bring your A-Game!

Food & Beverage Vendors

Food & Beverage vendors are required to have necessary permitting prior to full acceptance into the event. It is due no later than 3 weeks after submitting application. If you run into delays with the City or County, please let us know prior to this deadline. Applications are below:

City of Austin - Please submit your application directly to The Swoon Event

City of Dallas - Please submit your application directly to the City

County of San Diego - Please submit your application directly to the City

Caterers are encouraged to pass out small samples and are responsible for adhering to all codes and regulations.


You must have a state sales license. Please remember that this is first and foremost an event to showcase your talent and work.  Cash and carry is welcomed and advertised, but securing future orders and presenting your brand should be top priority.


Additional Details

Please remember that you are solely responsible for following all applicable codes and when selling items and serving food. By participating in the show, you are accepting full responsibility for your actions.  If The Swoon Event finds that you are not abiding by the law or the terms outlined in the application, you may be asked to stop the infraction immediately or leave the premises. If this happens, you will not receive a refund for any reason.  We don't want to get "tough", so let's make sure this does not happen. 


  • Your name and website link featured on the event websiteYour company featured on The Swoon Event's social media

  • Opportunity to provide swag bag items for the first 50 brides.  This is optional and can include anything from discounts to tiny gifts. Please avoid anything that is fragile. Please turn these items in when you check in the morning of the event. 

  • Opportunity to donate a raffle prize. This too is optional, and can be in the form of deeply discounted or complimentary products, services or gifts.  Please turn these items in when you check in the morning of the event. We reserve the right to use the raffle for a social media giveaway prior to the event to generate buzz.  You will be notified beforehand, so that we can solidify the game plan. 

  • Professional photos by the event photographer of your work and/or booth 

  • A unique opportunity to collaborate and network with likeminded vendors 

  • Access to opt-in lead list

  • Participating vendors contact information

Marketing: The Swoon Event

The Swoon Event has partnered with local and national wedding and lifestyle media outlets to get the word out.  As a small business with its purpose on keeping costs reasonable for you, we also rely on grass roots marketing, word-of-mouth and social media to get the word out.

The Swoon Event has scheduled its largest marketing efforts to take place 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks and days leading up to the event.  

To stay updated, please follow all of The Swoon Event's social media outlets below.

  • Facebook:

  • Instagram: @theswoonevent

  • Twitter: @theswoonevent

  • Pinterest:

  • Hashtags: #TheSwoonEvent, #TheSwoonSD, #TheSwoonATX, #TheSwoonDallas, #SwoonNOLA, #TheSwoonDenver

Marketing: You

The Swoon Event is a small business dedicated to supporting small businesses, so as a condition of your acceptance into the show, you must partner with The Swoon Event to get the word out. The primary goal of this show is for you to meet as many brides and grooms in your target market as possible, so it is highly encouraged that you let your existing couples and prospects know about the event. Downloading and sharing these flyers is a great way to start, but you can get as creative as you want on social media, your brick and mortar, etc. A large percentage of event attendees find out about the event through vendors they follow and admire. This is also a great way for them to see what you do in person and connect. You should also use this opportunity to connect them with other vendors that you feel will help complete their wedding.  When we work together and help each other out, we all succeed! 

Make sure you follow the other participating vendors' pages, so we can cheer each other along!

Complimentary Tickets

Ticket Link (Austin)
Ticket Link (San Diego)

The Swoon Event provides all vendors with free tickets for their clients and prospects. They can head to the above ticket link and enter code HEYLOVER at check out. (NO SPACE BETWEEN HEY AND LOVER)  

You are free to send this complimentary ticket information as many people as possible.  Simply telling your client or prospect about the code does not guarantee them tickets. They must sign up through the ticket link above to make it official.

So that we keep things under control, please do not post this discount information online.  We want to make sure only people who are interested in your work are attending the show. Other vendors who are not participating are welcome to use the link as well.

Going Forward

The Swoon Event will contact you two weeks prior to the event with final logistics details and your booth number.  Please make sure you read all of the information in order to avoid any confusion or delays.  

Due to a high volume of emails, we strongly encourage you to reference or familiarize yourself with this information. If you don't find the answer you’re looking for,  please reach out to for assistance.

Thanks so much for your participation! The Swoon Event looks forward to working with you!